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Happiness & WELLBEING

In surviving his journey Edward had to find tools to keep his stress levels down whilstmaintaining a high level of professionalism and was introduced to meditation. Here he found ways of relaxing, dropping all the negative stories he carried about with him. 


In 2016 Edward trained with The British School of Meditation and became a qualified Meditation Teacher and now specialises in Mindfulness. Edward’s ‘Glaswegian’ approach to Mindfulness allows you to access mindfulness practice realising it's something everyone can experience not just the enlightened.


He has worked with accountants, school teachers, business owners in groups and one to one sharing techniques and tools to ensure you wake up every day feeling centred focused and

 energised and runs regular Happiness & Wellbeing workshops in sold out venues across the city.


Taught by a Scotsman who has never been up a mountain or been to Tibet.


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